By challenging organizations all over the world
to rethink what they offer and how they deliver it,
we create new business opportunities and
strengthen brands through the power of
People Insight, Design Impact
and Business Innovation.

Business Innovation

– Transforming Your Business

The future belongs to the brands that create it. We challenge organizations to rethink what they offer and how they deliver it. And we’re passionate about helping our clients create meaningful relationships with their customers and differentiation of their brands. Our teams have the tools and methods to provide you with a clear and tangible vision towards customer focused business strategies.

Our services include: Innovation Labs, Portfolio Audit & Extensions, Design/Innovation Audit, Design Process & Organization development, Opportunity Mapping, Support to Innovation Teams, Design Strategy, Segmentation Models and Business Model Concepts.

Through our own ‘three dimensional’ expertise in Business Innovation, Design Impact and People Insight, we help our clients develop a new offering, from its strategy all the way to its launch out on the market. We provide sustainable value by accessing hidden potential, boosting sales, and developing new and differentiating go-to market strategies.

It’s also our job to make our clients great innovators. We use our innovation methods to help them improve their own operational structures and processes. By establishing a collaborative, multi-disciplinary working environment they can increase productivity and foster innovation across the organization. Simply put, we make organizations smarter by bringing them closer to new opportunities and customer insights in their daily work.


Ideas demand multi-disciplinary collaboration to be realized. Our Innovation Lab bridges the gaps between departments, partners, consultants, scientists and experts, and the end customers. We bring amazing people together so that their knowledge is leveraged into insights, energy and momentum that drive fast and significant change.
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It's our job to turn our clients into great innovators. Part of that job is to support their own innovation teams and make sure their initiatives are realizable across the whole organization. We do this by helping our clients develop excellent internal structures and processes for innovation and design.
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Opportunity mapping helps our clients gain a fresh perspective on the potential opportunities that lie ahead. Deep insights about customer behavior and their drivers, market data and trend forecasting reports provide a rich backdrop from which a Visual Opportunity Map can be created. This is a powerful tool to help our clients set a roadmap to the future.
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