Creating the
benchmark ventilator

Maquet asked us to design a ventilator that would make it easier and safer to transport patients. Our critical design improvements addressed severe patient transportation problems, but we also exceeded expectations by meeting a long list of desired changes. In 2010, the Maquet Servo-i ventilator won Gold in the prestigious IDSA Design of the Decade awards for best market share growth.

The Servo-i project needed to simplify the transportation of patients on a ventilator, whilst maintaining the highest quality of care. The challenging project applied our multi-disciplinary design skills. Transporting a patient who relies on a ventilator is a high risk situation that poses severe logistical problems. But if successful, our new design could dramatically reduce recovery and transportation time, helping health care professionals save more lives.

Ideation and concept work

We began by identifying the problems the existing product had. It was too technical, difficult to clean, and had an intimidating user interface. It offered very little access to the patient, was difficult to place, and complicated to transport. It even looked frightening to HCPs and patients. In short, it had not been designed with the users in mind.

The Servo-i Ventilator

Systematic innovation
Our final design is the result of a thorough design process based on our Life Science related People Insight methods and Design Impact expertise. Ease of learning, ease of use, safety, efficiency and accuracy were the guiding principles. The new pillar concept created a natural organization system for all the cables and components. The whole appearance was less intimidating and far easier to understand and use. All functions can be directly accessed in multiple ways, with the vital settings prioritized in order to ensure fast, safe and intuitive handling. The system can be placed on the wall, the bed, a trolley or on a pillar arm. It is easy to clean and it takes less than 5 minutes to prepare for a new patient, compared to 20-40 minutes preparation time with competitor’s products. We managed to cut down the time it takes to move a patient by half as well as making the whole process much safer.

Safety in numbers
The new design turned around declining sales. The Servo-i Ventilator quickly became the benchmark product in its category. Since its launch, sales volumes have increased by a 100%. Today Servo-i has a global market share of 40% in premium ventilators. It was also a pioneer in sustainable design, certified to the SS-EN ISO 14001:1996 standard.