Thule strollers
for active parents

Challenged with a stunningly tight timeline, our design team set out to create two new Thule baby strollers for active parents together with the Thule Group design department. The design had to breathe the Thule brand, fold without the risk of jamming any fingers and be cost efficient at the same time. Fifteen months, one Red Dot award and countless runs later, the results of this remarkably effective Thule-Veryday partnership was ready.

Thule is on a global mission to empower active families and outdoor enthusiasts. We’ve worked together previously to create products like the Thule RideAlong child bike seat and the Thule Pack ’n Pedal bike bags range. This time, with Pelle Reinius at the lead, the Veryday design team created two new strollers: the Thule Urban Glide for the active urban parent and the Thule Glide for the passionate runner.

A key challenge for our designers was to convey the Thule spirit by empowering passionate people. The strollers also needed a clear “Thule look.” To achieve these goals, our designers let the aluminum frame’s sleek curved lines take center stage. The characteristic contrast between aluminum and black plastic – typical Thule design language – was carefully used along the frame. The result was a clean and light design that feels unmistakably Thule.

The black plastic detailing helped resolve another challenge – keeping fingers safe and eliminating the risk of jamming them when folding the stroller. To fully succeed in this task, the team needed to control each part of the stroller as well as the folding process itself. Another priority was to design strollers that fold so smoothly that the parent can hold his/her baby in one arm while folding the stroller with the other hand.

ThuleUrbanGlide-FrameNEWBoth strollers share the same base structure, which made it more cost effective for the client to produce two models. The strollers were intelligently designed so no compromise was made in how smoothly or safely they fold.

I’m proud because without compromising the functionality and safety, we managed to make the strollers true to the Thule brand in a very time-efficient manner.

Pelle Reinius, Industrial Designer at Veryday

To fully understand the user, we applied our People3 research in studies, interviews and user tests. By mounting cameras on baby-jogging-strollers, we gained deeper knowledge about actual use. Veryday’s long heritage of deep people insight was a great strength that allowed the team to meet the tight deadline.

Despite being on opposite sides of the globe, communication with the client was excellent and made the design process remarkably swift.

Pelle Reinius, Industrial Designer at Veryday