What challenges is your sector facing?

Regardless if you are a specialized medical company, in the service sector or belong among the product producers, all of us are affected by new mobility patterns, new communication technologies and new business models.

We are working in the forefront of three major parts of business:
– Medical and Health Companies (Medical Devices, Pharma, Payers, Providers, etc.)
– Services Companies (Airlines, Web Services, Banks, Insurance, Software, Telecom, etc.)
– and Product Companies (Consumer Electronics, Heavy Industry, Tools, protection, Toys, Child Care, Transportation, etc.)

In order to meet the challenges of today, we at Veryday have created three focus areas that address the overwhelming changes these sectors are facing today.

Within these areas we assemble and share knowledge, and help companies find their differentiation and direction for the future.

Sector Solutions

The medical community is moving forward to empower individuals by leveraging mobile devices and the connectivity that’s all around us. Healthcare as we know it is transforming – and technology is driving these changes like never before.
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Sector Innovation

Customer expectations are changing dramatically. Now, it’s not only essential to understand what customers need but how to optimally deliver those needs. We help our clients architect great omni-channel experiences that increase customer loyalty and reduce costs along the way.
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Sector Innovation

Products today are active bricks in communication flows between and around users, and knowledge about context is often the difference between winning and losing. Finding your product’s optimal context is our strength.
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