We are proud to announce that the Swegon IQnavigator has been chosen as Best of the Best and finalist of the prestigious 2014 Interaction Awards! The project has been judged on how well it meets its user’s needs and objectives, the design process, craft and final impact.

When Swegon approached Veryday, they faced an interaction challenge with their air-handling units, since more and more features had been added making it increasingly difficult to handle. Our deep user centric process guided us to a solution ensuring that the system’s full potential can be exploited easily, catering for a world-class healthy indoor climate at a minimum environmental impact.

–  It is the first time a company in this business-to-business industry has focused so much on their user interface and we really wanted this product to clearly stand out. We’re confident the new IQnavigator will help Swegon to stay in the forefront of their business, not only with innovative technology but also by setting a new standard in usability, says Lennart Andersson, Director of Interaction Design and Creative Lead.

The finalists will be celebrated and the category winners will be presented at Interaction 14 in Amsterdam 5-8 of February. If you are planning on attending the conference you are more than welcome to find out more about the project, since we will present IQnavigator live at the awards exhibition. Feel free to contact Lennart for more information.

The voting for the 2014 People’s Choice Award has now opened and we would be honored if you would take the time to vote for us. Just follow the link below and hit Like.
We love you all!