Health Hack Academy the meeting place for corporations, entrepreneurs, business developers, coders and gadget geeks, hardware hackers, behavioral psychologist, game developers designers, students, patients, health care professionals, caregivers and others who are looking to transform the future of health care, selfcare and wellbeing. The goal of Health Hack Academy is to support and accelerate the creation of digital health startups originating in a hackathon.

But Health Hack Academy is more than a Hackathon. Health Hack Academy is a co-creative think tank, an exciting competition and a hands-on, learning innovation program. The Hackathon, which is the core activity, takes place during the weekend September 12 -13. During a few workshops in September 2015 the ideas are scrutinized, prototypes are built, tested, re-built and then finally pitched in front of an international crowd at Digital Health Days September 23-24. And the process is coached by experts within service design, prototyping, business development and presentation techniques.

Do you want your challenges solved?

As a company or organization with a challenge related to health care, self care or well being, Health Hack Academy welcomes you as a Challenge Partner. This is your opportunity to engage bright minds to build and refine novel solutions.

As a company or organization with a technology platform that can be used to build products and services related to health care, self care or well being, Health Hack Academy welcomes you as a Technology Partner.

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Do you want to solve challenges?

We need your help to solve the challenges that really matter, for all of us. Read more and sign up for news to make sure you won’t miss when registration opens:

Please contact Lennart Andersson, +46 733 611 258 if you’re interested in becoming a Challenge Partner.

Please contact Andreas Namslauer,, +46 70 533 77 86, if you have any questions or want to join as Partner.

Health Hack Academy 2015 is organized by Stockholm Science City Foundation together with Veryday and EIT Digital.