Remembering Henrik Wahlforss

Published: 21 Jan 2016

Henrik Wahlforss, a true visionary within Swedish Industrial Design and one of Veryday’s founders, has passed away. He came as a primordial force from Finland, through design studies in the US, to Stockholm in the early 1960s. In 1965, he founded the company Product Program AB. A few years later he opened a design studio in Stockholm, which became Ergonomidesign in 1971 and Veryday in 2012. Early on Henrik was involved in occupational health and disability issues and initiated projects that laid the foundation for Swedish industrial design’s international success in the 1970s and 1980s.

permobilTogether with Dr. Per Henrik Uddén he designed the first electric wheelchair for Permobil and the first advanced reacher together with Sven-Eric Juhlin. Henrik inspired a whole generation of design students and defined the direction of Swedish industrial design for the years to come.

Among Henrik’s most groundbreaking achievements is his work with the Swedish Handicap Institute which, among other things, resulted in the first angled kitchen knife for people with weak hands – a design icon and symbol of what today is known as Inclusive Design.



Henrik always had big plans. In 1982 he published a vision of the future, “Nordic 2030”, in which he describes his vision of a humane, sustainable society built on community and small scale initiatives in a future United Nordic region. Another future vision is the show “The Moment” which was shown at Nordform 90 in Malmö and “Brain World”, a conceptual exhibition of the brain as a unique attraction in a cavern on Skeppsholmen. Henrik was an outstanding personality in many ways, someone who could appear brusque but was in fact very kind and caring. We will miss him deeply.


Johanna Desthon
Manager Corporate Communications

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