Veryday is joining McKinsey & Company

Published: 11 Nov 2016

Veryday is joining McKinsey & CompanyToday is a very special day for us at Veryday. Today we officially join forces with McKinsey & Company, the most respected player in the management consulting business. It’s a big step for us and a tremendous opportunity to continue to drive impact on a global scale and to serve our market sectors with the full spectrum of technology, business and design.

Since our start in 1969 we’ve come far. Over the years we have helped clients all over the world to penetrate markets, increase sales and build brands through the successful design and innovation of products and services.  Today we are more global and award winning than ever. Our organization has evolved from a handful of designers to almost 100 extraordinary talented people today, all sharing the same vision of enhancing the quality of life for people around the world. Our reputation as user-centered, process-oriented and methodical has allowed us to grow, and we have been blessed with people who share our vision and believe in our values. Our deep knowledge about end users, gained over years of multidisciplinary research into physical, cognitive and emotional aspects, is what makes us special.

When we started our business in the late 60s we were pioneering the design field by applying an inclusive and user-centric approach. Today, the need for people-driven design and innovation services, which unlock the potential of new offerings and connect with people in more meaningful ways, is growing rapidly.

True customer loyalty is a desirable goal in any industry. Companies need to adapt in this highly competitive market with changing consumer behaviors and new technology.

We are convinced that joining forces with McKinsey & Company will be tremendously beneficial for the design community as well as for our clients. We share a passion for design thinking and innovation, as well as the ambition to unlock growth, creating better companies and new user-centered offerings.

Niclas Andersson, Chief Business Officer, Veryday

We firmly believe that the key to our success is based on our ambition to constantly develop our people and our company and we look forward to build a full-spectrum proposition that combines McKinsey’s in depth management consulting and business strategy with our capabilities in design strategy and expertise in user experience.

For us, we are continuing an exciting journey that we have been on since 1969, the journey to change the world with design, improving quality of life for people and the planet.


Niclas Andersson
Chief Business Officer

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Johanna Desthon
Manager Corporate Communications

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