By challenging organizations all over the world
to rethink what they offer and how they deliver it,
we create new business opportunities and
strengthen brands through the power of
People Insight, Design Impact and
Business Innovation.

People Insight

- Understanding Your Customers

The future is out there, in the hands of the users. It takes a little magic – and a lot of research – to improve people’s quality of life. More than 45 years of Physical, Cognitive & Emotional Research has made us wiser, but not in the least less curious. What are your customers’ true future needs, what are their dreams and aspirations? Our groundbreaking strategies, products and services are based on unique methods for retrieving insights. Our Researchers work in close collaboration with extraordinary Designers and Business Innovators to unravel new opportunities.

Our services include: Physical, Cognitive & Emotional Research (People³), Consumer Insight, Collaborative Processes, Co-Creation, Futuring, Trend Forecasting and Emotional Experience Mapping.

There are no ordinary days at Veryday. We meet your customers in their real lives. Sometimes this takes us in to their home, in order to gain novel insights. Thanks to our in-house researchers we can act fast on megatrends and global insights to help you create and communicate products and services that truly make a difference to people’s lives. Our scientists team up with academic institutions all over the world to constantly improve our acknowledged methods and processes. Expect the unexpected.

Experience Mapping

Truly understanding and addressing the emotions of your customers gives us an opportunity to differentiate a brand from its competitors. It is not an easy task, but Veryday’s experienced teams know how to map the emotional journey of customers before, during and after using a service or product. Our map provides vital clues on how to add value to a proposition and make our clients offerings more meaningful and attractive to their customers.
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Successful companies are continuously prepared to adapt to change. Understanding these changes and how they affect the way people behave, think and feel is the basis of what we call Futuring. It distills the trends that will influence your future business, and helps identify the opportunities brands have to turn change into commercial success.
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Peoples’ perception of the world is the sum of their whole being and person. People-driven innovation is about all aspects of a person; a holistic view of the end-user that combines emotional, cognitive and physical aspects. We call it People³ and it’s the very DNA of our design and research approach. We use it to unravel unique People Insights that are fundamental to ground breaking design.
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