The Future of Urban Transportation

Bicycles are one of the most eco-friendly forms of transportation, but today’s bike market can be intimidating. Specially customized bikes exist for every activity and every type of person, not to mention the many – and often complicated – technical specifications that only experts understand. The Veryday design team has focused on developing a bike that is the exact opposite of all these bells and whistles: the IKEA SLADDA is easy to understand, easy to use and easy to like.


Reinventing the urban travel experience

Many of us frequently use public transportation in our everyday lives. Buses are an eco-friendly option and a great alternative to the car. Regardless, studies show that attitudes toward buses are often not very positive. The Swedish public transport provider Skånetrafiken engaged Veryday – together with the support of Swedish transport companies Transdev and Volvo – to help transform views on bus travel.

Maquet Critical Care

Advanced and accessible

In 2010 Veryday was given the opportunity to participate in the development of a new generation of SERVO ventilators, the SERVO-U™ and SERVO-n™. Together with the design and engineering teams at Maquet Critical Care AB, we took part in a mission to create the most accessible, logical and easy-to-use high-end ventilators on the global market. The results are pioneering products that offer a modern user experience and extremely intuitive user interface.


Mobile living made easy

Dometic, the leading brand in leisure appliances for mobile living, turned to Veryday in the fall of 2015 for support in creating a novel design identity, one that clearly communicates the values and aspirations of a revitalized Dometic brand.


Exploring the future of healthcare through intuitive design

We’re moving into an even more digitalized society, and the healthcare sector is at the forefront of the shift. Swedish company OneLab engaged Veryday to create a web-based blood test that democratizes healthcare by allowing users to take control and manage their own health data.

Cederroth First Aid Kit

The next generation mobile First Aid Kit

First aid is important and can make the difference between life and death. Cederroth’s innovative first aid products and solutions enable both professionals and ordinary people with no previous training to administer first aid. Armed with deep knowledge in the field of user-friendly medical products, the Veryday design team set out to create a ne [...]

DesignSingapore Council

Looking beyond normality

It’s estimated that one billion individuals around the world experience a significant degree of disability. Together with the DesignSingapore Council (Dsg) and the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), our design team embarked on an intriguing and rewarding journey to innovate and reimagine social services in the Southeast Asian country – ultimately improving quality of life for people with disabilities.

Tetra Pak

New eyes on value creation

Today’s market is more competitive than ever, and businesses need to stay relevant for their customers. The Veryday service design team joined Tetra Pak’s front end innovation (FEI) team to explor [...]

Dubai Municipality

Inclusive service design for urban diversity