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We are one of the world’s top-ranking design and innovation consultancies.

Everything we do is the result of deep insights into what people really need, feel and desire.


Our story

By relentlessly pursuing our philosophy since 1969, we have helped clients enhance the quality of life for millions of people all over the world. See some of the highlights from our decades of history.


1969 Designgruppen

A handful of designers with experience from major companies like AGA, Asea and IBM started a company called Designgruppen. The same year Henrik Wahlforss and his company Product Program AB opened a new studio in Stockholm, which in 1971 became Ergonomidesign. A group of designers fresh from Konstfack, University College of Arts Crafts and Design graduate class teamed up.


1974 Kitchen Knife

The first kitchen knife on the market with an angled handle for Gustavsbergs Fabriker/Ittala. The knife has become a design classic and a good example of Inclusive design, showing that even very simple things can make a real difference in a person´s daily life.

ED gruppbild stallning

1980 The chapel

The two companies Ergonomidesign and Designgruppen decided to medge into a single company Ergonomi Design Gruppen.In 1980 Ergonomi Design Gruppen, moved into a converted chapel in Bromma outside Stockholm.


1982 Welding Helmet

The first welding helmet in cooperation with Åke Hörnell / Hörnell Elektrooptik, the inventor of the liquid crystal welding shield.


1983 Energy Forest Harvester

Full-scale model of energy forest harvester built in our studio for for the Swedish National Board for Technical Development.


1984 Reachers

The first grippeng tongs were designed in the late 60´s by Wahlforss- Juhlin and are still in use.

Kopia av 1987SASkaffekanna-hand2

1987 Coffee Pot

The coffee Pot for SAS; a product that is so totally based on user requirements and yet a classic design sold to more than 30 airlines.


1991 BabyBjörn Baby carrier

The first modern BabyBjörn baby carrier that was to set the standard for baby carriers for a long time. The perfect dream of closeness and harmony is a fact. The child can rest whilst remaining in the center.

Koenigsegg front side view

2009 The World’s Most Beautiful Car

The fastest sports car in the world, Koenigsegg, designed by Veryday and Koenigsegg made it into Forbes’ list of the World’s Most Beautiful Cars.

2003 PfizerGenotropiPen (2)

2003 The Genotropin Pen

The Genotropin Pen for Pfizer makes it easier for children to accept the fact that they need to inject growth hormone on a daily basis. The important issue was to avoid stigma, making the device something to be proud of.


2004 Injection Pen for Osteoporosis

The Preotact pen was the first reusable injection pen with a side trigger that requires less strength to activate, serves as a grip, is flexible and comfortable for the hand, allowing patients to take medication independently and increasing quality of life.


2007 Phones for seniors

Dori senior phones are created with the philosophy that a phone should be easy enough for anyone to use, and still be goodlooking. Together with Doro, our industrial designers specialized in inclusive design involved users in the process, and managed to develop a range of phones that meet real needs.


2012 Opens NY office

With lot’s of US based clients during many years, we decided to get closer and launched our first US based design office. In Manhattan, New York.


2012 Ergonomidesign changes name to Veryday

The company has evolved and become much more than just about ergonomics and design, therefore it was time to take the next step – a new name that embraces our whole business. The new name reflects our ambition to make life better for as many people as possible.

Red Dot Award: Design Team of the Year 2014

Red Dot Award: Design Team of the Year 2014

In 2014, on the stage of Essen’s glamorous Aalto-Theater opera house in front of more than 1,200 design, business and political guests at the ceremonial Red Dot gala, Veryday received the design world’s most prestigious award: Red Dot Design Team of the Year. For the first time ever the esteemed title, which is awarded purely on merit at the discretion of Red Dot experts, went to a Swedish company.

blue treads

Veryday joins McKinsey & Company

In 2017 we join forces with McKinsey & Company, the most respected player in the management consulting business. It’s a big step for us and a tremendous opportunity to continue to drive impact on a global scale and to serve our market sectors with the full spectrum of technology, business and design. Thank you to the community that has been a part of our many phases. For the latest and greatest, join us on our new journey!

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Red Dot Award: Design Team of the Year 2014

On the stage of Essen’s glamorous Aalto-Theater opera house in front of more than 1,200 design, business and political guests at the ceremonial Red Dot gala, Veryday received the design world’s most…

Who we are

People passionate about people

We firmly believe that the key to our success is based on our ambition to constantly develop our people and our company.


Diverse & united

Diversity is a main ingredient of our business success, it’s also a statement we want to make. Together we represent more than 30 different nations and cultures. We believe that the greater the diversity, the greater our collective knowledge and expertise.


Caring rebels

We care about each other and our planet. As designers, we also embrace and drive change. We challenge each other and our clients to explore, to think and rethink, to bring out the best in each other and our work.


Creative collaborators

We believe that complex problems are best solved collaboratively. We work in a nonhierarchical environment. Our multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural teams of explorers, thinkers and doers guide, support and challenge clients all the way from market exploration to market launch.


Oskar Juhlin

Meet the multitalented and truly passionate Veryday Design Director who, over the years, has been on the winning team for a number of international design awards.


Yui Komatsu

Get to know our Veryday hero Yui Komatsu – a humble and creative UX and visual designer who loves to hang out in the ceramic studio during the weekends and to surprise people with her design.


Teresa Hilli

Meet our everyday hero Teresa Hilli – a colorful designer and Roller Derby entusiast who gets motivated by things that annoy her and strives to make the digital tangible and less intimidating.