Design thinking

Future Customer Expectations in Transaction Banking

Being effective in the future is about creativity, speed and gaining knowledge of real customer needs. It’s not only knowing what to prioritize – but to act on prioritized areas. Taking a step in that direction, Veryday and one of northern Europe’s largest banks explored a new customer-centric method of working within the bank and the financial sector, as well as innovative solutions to create more seamless customer experience.

A new way of working

The Customer First program takes an innovative approach to key challenges by putting customers at the center. Throughout the project, Veryday used experience prototyping, emotion mapping and qualitative research methods in ways that were new to the bank. This original approach sparked empathy for customers and enthusiasm across the project team. The positive cultural change quickly spread and promoted a spirit of creativity and delight across the organization.


Agile co-creation

The project team implemented a rapid customer insight and innovation method called the “innovation lab.” This tool allows multidisciplinary design work to be carried out within a condensed timeframe and in a dedicated space. The lab brought together stakeholders, customers and passers-by in a creative, highly collaborative environment where they were encouraged to share insights and tangibly express needs and emotions.

A 12-week sprint

The rapid prototyping and co-creation phase with customers and stakeholders lasted an intense 12 weeks. The period was used to research, generate ideas, test, evaluate results, run local pilots and build an innovation compass based on customer needs.

Bringing together people with different backgrounds created a diverse setting that was ideal for generating ideas and insights. As customers articulated their needs, co-creation activities were used to build experience prototypes and learn more about what customers value, in what context and in what order of importance. Through analysis of internal and external knowledge, 60+ ideas were built, validated and prioritized.

Small-scale testing

By rolling out eight pilots and evaluating their success, the team uncovered tremendous potential to improve customer experience and create significant internal benefits. Customers became the compass that identified win-win solutions to help solve problems and create value for all stakeholders – now and in the future.

The Customer First program continues to provide actionable customer insights and pave the way toward catering to customers’ actual needs. Tuning into customers’ future expectations and implementing the program as a part of its long-term strategy ultimately empowers the bank to fully commit to customer-centricity.