Design thinking

The Flow – Time Travel at Hand

Lennart Andersson

In our everyday lives we are surrounded by technology aiming to manage our ever need. Ecosystems of products and services enable an ongoing change in the way we communicate, use products, services and in the end how we live our lives. Services and technology needs to quickly adapt to meet these ever changing demands.

Together with my colleagues at Veryday, I envision and creates solutions for making everyday life as well as working-life a little easier and more enjoyable. These solutions are part of a rapidly evolving marketplace, driven by technology and changing consumer needs, they are creating exciting and dynamic possibilities for the future.

Physical interactions

Understanding people’s needs and desires now and in the future is crucial in keeping one step ahead of the competition. A lot of our work today is about creating solutions that feel natural to use, emotionally, cognitively and physically. People have already got used to sharing their experiences online, so we took that thought one step further. The Flow is an in-house project that captures the culture of evolving technology within communications.

In the future, ‘ringing people up‘ will be a thing of the past. Actions like ‘taking a picture’ or ‘recording a video’ will seem old-fashioned. “There will be no on/off switch in the future. And no need for the ‘undo‘ button. You will raise or lower your levels of interest and availability in order to be able to quickly return to interesting or special experiences and to allow for different forms of communication.

There will be no on/off switch in the future

Lennart Andersson, Director of Interaction Design, Veryday

The Flow is an always-aware, always-documenting solution. It moves beyond a ‘single-user’ or ‘single-device’ view point. It also lets you take part in other people’s ‘life memories’. The Flow is constantly synchronized to an individual’s events, meetings and emotions. In fact you will be able to rewind your life and drop in on that meeting you had the day before.

‘Soon everyone will be used to time travelling and remembering more than they know!’ With The Flow, you can keep information overload under control via a personal profile that constantly keeps track of your needs. It provides you with recommendations, structure and news that is right for you. Importantly, this information is delivered in less disruptive and less stressful ways than we are used to.