3M Speedglas

The ground breaking Speedglas design

Inspired by medieval knights, the Speedglas welding shield has turned an entire global working force of craftsmen into everyday heroes. It has become a modern-day fairy tale, and a milestone in the history of industrial design.

Veryday started to collaborate with the inventor of the Speedglas technology in the mid 80s, at the time, a one-man company. The design of auto-darkening head gear for professional welders has set new standards and has been praised by its users. 3M acquired the company in 2004. By that time, it was a global, market leading multi-million-dollar business. And we have continued the collaboration with 3M ever since.

Veryday always holds a holistic view of the end-user that combines emotional, cognitive and physical aspects. Our design team have conducted numerous in-depth studies of welders in their real-life environment. During our design process, we also revisit the welders to test alternative design concepts. The collaboration also includes support of the internal innovation team at 3M, to develop their own design and innovation processes and increase work efficiency.

The original Speedglas 9000 was first launched in 1996 and gained instant recognition all over the world. Not only did the helmet look great, it also proved to be a natural extension of the wearer, helping the welder to feel safe, prepared and focused. The incarnation, Speedglas 9100 was launched in 2008. All details are seamlessly integrated into the form, further reducing the risk of accidents in a dangerous environment. The tougher and sturdier form offers the user more confidence, and also results in higher precision, raising work efficiency to a whole new level. In addition, the 9100 has built-in acupressure that maintains comfort
over long periods of use.

The helmet visualizes the users identity. No one wants to drive a Harley in loafers.

Oskar Juhlin, industrial designer, Veryday.

Speedglas 9100 FX was launched in 2011 and the first welding and grinding shield ever to combine rugged textile and plastics in a lightweight shell. The pivoting configuration makes it perfectly balanced and there are improvements in how the visor rests on the head for different tasks. Comfort and efficiency is also increased with a revolutionary head harness, and a fan powers a fresh air system that creates a safe and fresh climate inside the shield.

The ground breaking Speedglas design has received numerous international design awards, and exceeded all expectations in terms of return-on-investment. But above all, professionals love the futuristic style as much as the unprecedented ergonomic benefits.