Veryday have been collaborating with Aerocrine, since the development of NIOX MINO in 2005. The NIOX MINO was the world’s first handheld device for monitoring inflammation in the airways, which revolutionized the way doctors diagnose, monitor and optimized therapy for asthma patients. The design of NIOX VERO is redefined and simplified to make the device as intuitive as possible while appealing to younger patients.

To fully understand the various users needs and goals we applied our People³ research in user studies, and tested our ideas with mock-ups and prototypes together with groups of users. Our People Insights toolbox helped us to focus on form factors, handling, intuitiveness and better guidance through the test procedure.

The new device and its design feature an easy-to-handle, portable and hand-held device to be used by physicians, nurses and patients. The handle is easy to grip thanks to the shape and the high friction glossy surface. The enlarged touchscreen is facing the patient, increasing legibility and enabling quick and easy fingertip navigation and display of results.

To successfully measure airway inflammations the patient needs to inhale and exhale in a specific pattern, maintaining an even airflow. This can be difficult, especially for children, but playful animations, symbols, and sound effects support the patient and guide both the nurse and the patient to accomplish their test.

Lennart Andersson, Director Interaction Design at Veryday

The result is a redefined way to measure airway inflammation, with a smaller, fully portable device and supportive user interface. By using advanced medical technology in combination with playful design, the design team has managed to get away from the traditionally sterile and clinical environment and downplay the seriousness of the test situations, so that the children are motivated to perform better, which improves the treatment and control of the disease.