Wellbeing and safety through artificial intelligence

Aifloo engaged Veryday to further develop and translate this artificial intelligence (AI) e-care system and its connected product into an intuitive digital tool that enhances giving and receiving quality care in nursing homes and at home.

To initiate the 12-week design project we carried out user research, prototyping and implementation support. Veryday and Aifloo closely collaborated on investigating the everyday routines and needs of nursing home staff as they care for residents. We also determined the best way to install the AI system in private homes.

The resulting application, entirely built on Aifloo’s advanced artificial intelligence system, collects an individual’s health data via a smart wristband.

An AI engine aggregates and analyses the data to monitor anomalies that deviate from their normal baseline. The system can detect everything from a user’s physical location to their movements to an epileptic seizure. It helps nursing home staff quickly gain insight into a resident’s health so they’re able to make more informed decisions.

Like other new technologies, artificial intelligence can create a big ‘wow’ effect…. Working with Aifloo allows us to go beyond that ‘wow’ and deliver value to a sensitive population.

Xavi, Associate Design Director, Veryday

The e-health system allows staff to identify risk factors and to notify caregivers about upcoming issues before a resident becomes ill. It helps them identify who may require close monitoring, provides context during an alarm situation and simply tracks data when health is normal.

The end result is better, safer and faster health services, quality care and the ability to maintain independence for those who are disabled, and peace of mind for loved ones.