Avanza Bank

Designing a Windows 8 experience

Interaction and Design Strategists from Veryday, and Technologists from Microsoft teamed up to create a completely new banking tool for Avanza Bank, ready for the launch of Windows 8 Surface. The design of the app highlights the best of what W8 and the Metro design language have to offer.

Avanza Bank is the most common route for Swedish investors to make and share transactions or change funds. With Avanza Bank, savers have their shares, funds and bonds information available in the form of news, analysis and software, all in one place.

The Avanza Bank Mobile app allows an easy and safe way to monitor your financial holdings. You can trade stocks, exchange funds, compose your own lists to follow favorite stocks and check current exchange rates through live tiles. It is also possible to follow global indexes and keep up with the latest news from the financial sector.

Veryday managed to make me excited about a banking/stock exchange app. That is a great accomplishment. I might even try to learn a bit about the stock exchange market so I’ll have use of this app. By the way, very nice use of Semantic zoom – it made my day!

Danwei Tran Luciani, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft

Veryday and Microsoft team brought up an interaction design model that enhances Windows 8 user experience, making it more meaningful by using native functionalities: