Increasing quality of life for people with diabetes

Today, approximately 422 million people suffer from diabetes and diabetics who don’t carefully control their treatment, risk severe complications. In addition, insulin-treated diabetics face a complicated process of multiple daily administrations and must carry around tools like blood sample lancet, test strips, and insulin pens to manage their disease.


For more than 20 years Veryday has worked with people with diabetes to address their challenges, needs and aspirations. Along with our technical partner, Helbling Technik, we set out to challenge the Internet Of Things within healthcare and help Brighter design a cloud-connected, integrated medical device for diabetics. Veryday’s decades of expertise and knowledge around diabetes combined with our user-driven approach enabled us to help develop Actiste.

Just yesterday I was thinking, ‘Why can’t they come up with something that’s all-in-one?

Diabetic for 32 years

By combining three essential components of everyday diabetes management (a blood glucose meter, a lancet and an injection pen) into a single device, Brighter offers the user simpler, faster and more accurate treatment than ever before. Thanks to the integration of all necessary functions into one device, Actiste reduces the number of steps in daily diabetes treatment routines by up to 67 percent.


In all aspects, Veryday has embedded insights filtered out from real users’ everyday life into all corners of the device. Throughout development, our design team focused on making the physical and digital experience seamless and intuitive for the user.

Actiste allows the user to log the exact volume of insulin injected, measure blood sugar, log meals and other events, and share their data through a connected service. Knowing when and how much insulin has been injected is critical for quality of self-care, and important for family members and other caregivers to know. Through Actiste’s mobile connected service, users and caregivers can easily track blood sugar levels and insulin dose history on any smartphone or browser. This increases the user’s self-care motivation and quality of life while also providing the correct information for optimal treatment. With optimal use, Actiste is poised to reduce complications of diabetes such as kidney failure, stroke or amputation, and increase life expectancy for many.

We put a lot of effort into reducing the number of steps in self-treatment and making the process logical and easy. Since people prefer not to be reminded of their disease, we gave the device a discrete design. Now it resembles more of a consumer product than a medical device.

Marcus Heneen, Associate Design Director, Veryday

The Benefit Loop
Brighter often refers to the benefit loop, which illustrates how Actiste benefits everyone. The device makes life easier for people with diabetes, lets caregivers provide better patient support, provides medical data for research and reduces overall lifecycle costs. Diabetes care normally generates an excess of disposables, but with Actiste a caregiver can calculate the exact number of disposables a user needs – ultimately reducing waste and costs for society.

This revolutionary product will launch in 2017. With more than 150 million possible users, Actiste has huge potential for commercial success.

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