Cederroth First Aid Kit

The next generation mobile First Aid Kit

First aid is important and can make the difference between life and death. Cederroth’s innovative first aid products and solutions enable both professionals and ordinary people with no previous training to administer first aid. Armed with deep knowledge in the field of user-friendly medical products, the Veryday design team set out to create a next generation mobile First Aid Kit for the workplace.

Cederroth engaged the Veryday design team to improve and enhance their range of First Aid Kits. The project’s scope was to work with a combination of forms and materials to ensure optimal function and create durable, protective cases that withstand harsh environments. It was also extremely important to produce well-organized kits that provide simple, clear instructions to quickly guide users through the first aid process when accidents occur.

One of the kits Veryday created was the double-walled, blow molded plastic XL model. Its   extra room cleverly incorporates a patented adhesive bandage dispenser into the top lid so bandages are easily accessible for everyday use – without disturbing the products inside to be used for more severe injuries. The XL kit can be attached to a wall and easily detached when required.

What’s exceptional about the Cederroth First Aid Kit is that it’s user friendly and enables anyone to give first aid and thereby save lives. We’re very proud of the adhesive bandage dispenser and the clear overview of the products inside. The design is highly appreciated by our co-workers and praised by our clients. Working together with Veryday has been great. It’s been a long-term project that’s technically advanced and challenging, with many different parties involved. Throughout the process, Veryday has brought forward innovative solutions that work.

Marie-Louise Stenhammar, Group Marketing Senior Brand Manager, Orkla

All products are stored in transparent, hygienically sealed pockets that provide a clear overview. The kits are logically organized, with the most commonly used products easily within reach near the top of the case. Kits are available in S, M, L and XL, depending on various user needs.

We applied Veryday’s design research method of mockups, prototypes and user tests to obtain an optimal First Aid Kit based on different user needs. Several smart solutions have been implemented in this First Aid Kit range. One is the patented adhesive bandage dispenser built into the lid that makes the most of the case unit and makes it easy to reach items that are needed the most.

Pelle Reinius, Senior Designer and Project Manager, Veryday