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User focus creates smart telecom app

Since users increasingly wanted to control and customize their business services without calling a support team, Phonera engaged Veryday to design a full-solution app that would act as an administrative center for all the tasks that users may need to accomplish.

One of the project’s main challenges was bridging the gap between user needs and the way existing phone exchange administration tools are currently designed.

Through user studies, concept development, interaction design and digital design, the app we created now allows small business IT administrators to easily handle telephone errands directly from an iPad or Android tablet.

Up to 80 percent of all phone system functions can be reached via the app, including many that were previously accessible only by calling a support team.



MOBIL magazine recently tested a wide selection of Swedish business telephone services and named the Phonera app the best tool on the market. We are delighted that our experience with user studies and interaction design enables us to create solutions like the Phonera app, which simplifies the workday for small business professionals.

Phonera’s tool introduces a smart tablet app for settings and ordering new services. The interface is user friendly and gives an overview of the phone exchange’s configurations and costs. The app is well made and manages chat, referrals and all important telephone functions.

When we first screened and tested, we discovered that usability and user experience of existing administration tools on the market was very frustrating. They simply didn’t match what users expected from the service. So we took the existing technology platform and reinvented the total user experience and interface.

Daniel Sjöblom, Director of Digital Design, Veryday named the Phonera app “best on market”