Mobile living made easy

Dometic was in the process of merging their existing portfolios into one brand. In parallel, Veryday developed a re-branding guideline and readied it for launch in late 2016. The company wanted to get more insight into the drivers and needs of their end users.

Veryday initiated a design identity project with user research in three different markets: the US, Germany and Sweden. A thorough understanding of the who, what, where, when and why would facilitate the design process and guide the way toward optimal design direction. In 2016, the Dometic Design Book/Design Guideline was finalized and combined with the re-branding guideline.


Dometic now has a wayfinding tool that aligns the brand and its product portfolio – from hardware to software to graphics. As products are brought to the design table one by one, strong brand communication will be present throughout the process. And with a better understanding of end users, their context of use, needs and aspirations, Dometic is now better equipped to deliver products that users are attracted to and really want.