Doro Liberto 820

An inclusive smartphone experience

Inclusive Design has been a major focus area for Veryday since the late ’60s, and we’re taking this passion with us into the digital era. One example of this is our work with Doro, which began in 2006. Since then, Doro has become a global leader in easy-to-use mobile devices. The Doro Liberto® 820 – the very first smartphone tailor-made for seniors – represents our latest collaborative milestone.

The Liberto is simple to use and built from a genuine understanding of this specific user group. To facilitate seniors’ ease and comfort with technology’s fast pace, we harnessed the very latest technology in a way that makes it exceptionally intuitive for those who may not be used to the symbols and icons so easily adopted by digital natives. Our research team worked tirelessly with user studies to pinpoint exactly what seniors need to feel comfortable with their phones, including large, tactile buttons for certain key actions such as navigating to the home screen from any app. Ease of use is ensured through features like a separate button for taking photos, and making the tactile and screen buttons similar in size to facilitate transitions between the two.

The Liberto features an entirely new and simplified interface built on an Android platform. “My Doro Manager” allows relatives and friends to help with tasks from afar – like adding contacts or suggesting apps. The phone’s speakers are completely hearing-aid compatible.

The light, ergonomic design with rubber edges allows for a sturdy grip to lessen the risk of the phone slipping away. Edges heightened above the screen ensure that the glass won’t crack if the device is dropped. There is a customizable alarm button on the back and a charging dock to eliminate the need to fiddle with cables. This product springs from a deep belief in people-driven innovation and inclusive design, and we are confident that it will help bridge the digital divide between age groups.