Boosting innovation and growth through customer-centricity

Traditionally, innovation processes in larger organizations have focused on new products and technologies for business strategy and growth. In today’s ever-changing and extremely competitive environment, speed and continuous innovation are key growth drivers. Leading home appliance manufacturer Electrolux engaged Veryday to run an agile six-week experience innovation program, that resulted in tangible consumer propositions based on deep customer insights.

Boost innovation and growth through customer-centricity

Businesses often find themselves stuck in “silo thinking,” which consequently isolates departments within the company and slows down holistic thought processes and customer experience innovation.

The Veryday experience innovation program set out to engage different sectors within the Electrolux organization, working across multiple silos and sectors to ultimately break barriers through a highly collaborative approach that created a springboard and an energetic setting that inspired participants and key stakeholders.

Speed and continuous innovation are key growth drivers for any business. In today’s extremely competitive market, the Veryday experience innovation program enables agile co-creational settings that break an old-fashioned silo approach, ultimately generating tangible and actionable customer experience value propositions based on real customer insights.

Marcus Gabrielsson, VP Business Innovation, Veryday

Throughout the program we worked on defining opportunities, conceptualizing, idea generation, immersion sharing, prototyping and storyboarding, as well as energizers, share-outs and podcasts. We encouraged participants to reenact experiences to facilitate and take on a more customer-centered way of thinking, making it a truly immersive experience for all involved.

Translating ideas into tangible offerings

The program brought together 50+ people across six different areas. We encouraged and inspired participants to apply a different perspective for innovation, from product-oriented to cross-category and customer experience-centered. During an intense one-week workshop we created 50+ opportunity areas based on 170+ ideas. Out of this we created 16 concepts for further development.

We guided Electrolux toward a new approach to working cross-category to deliver a more holistic customer experience. We’re convinced that the Veryday experience innovation program will spur continuous business growth and secure the organization’s position as a leading home appliance manufacturer worldwide, helping cut time to market and build shared value across divisions.