A sustainable cooking solution

Who would have thought you could develop a simple yet effective stove that would improve health conditions, reduce time requirements and environmental impact; while also produced locally in countries where there is a strong need for a solution that replaces cooking over an open fire? We did, from the very start. By challenging our designers and engineers, we set out to create the “easiest to make stove”, one that would reduce harmful smoke, slow down deforestation, generate local jobs and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We succeeded!

Almost half of the world’s population cooks over an open fire, at least once a day. In the dry Namibian Savanna where rainfall is scarce, droughts common and extreme floods increasingly more frequent; the felling of trees is resulting in alarming deforestation and a widespread desertification. Importantly trees are providers of shelter, housing, medicine, and above all energy. Yet as they are harder and harder to come across, people are spending hours searching for combustible material of sorts. The widespread use of timber, and sometimes even roots, for “open fire cooking” is not only polluting the atmosphere but also contributing to ill health due to dangerous soot and gas emissions accumulated in the huts.

After numerous optimizing iterations and enormous ambitions, courage, sweat and some tears – we co-developed EzyStove with our African friends. The challenge for the designers was to develop a simple yet effective solution that would improve health conditions, reduce time requirements and environmental impact; while also empowering our Namibian friends through Innovation Support. The stove needed to be available for everyone, which meant we actually had to build it for less than $10.
The aim in this project was not to create the most efficient stove with the most developed technology. It was to design a stove within the given parameters that focused on benefiting the real need of the real people in their actual lives; to improve their quality of time, economy, health, and environment.

August Michael, Director of Design Engineering

The solution was a simple, secure and portable stove that can be fired up with anything from cow dung to general waste. Thanks to a design patented inner-chamber that traps the heat and insulates it from the surroundings, less than a third of the amount of fuel is consumed. Additionally, the food cooks faster. EzyStove significantly reduces CO² and other toxic gas emissions by 60-80%. The outer exoskeleton creates a strong long-lasting barrier and protection from intense heat and also enables the use of any type of pot or pan. It is shipped in an unassembled condition – tightly packed five and five. Basically, any small local workshop can put it together without the need of any advanced tools.  The manufacturing of the stove also fosters local job opportunities. It sells at an affordable price to even the poorest households. People just love the stove. A lot. And the environment could not benefit more.

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