Flow-c by Getinge

Enhancing workflow for better patient care

An anesthesia machine is used to provide general anesthesia during surgery in order to make the patient unconscious, painless and muscle relaxed. The new Flow-c is a compact anesthesia machine where every detail has been designed to ease the clinician´s daily work, to enable cost-efficient and safe treatment for patients.

Getinge engaged Veryday to design a new, compact and cost-effective anesthesia machine that would enhance the overall workflow for doctors and nurses.

How did we do it?
The project began with a request from Getinge R&D to visualize the future and inspire top management by showing them what a new mid-range machine could look like. The concept landed well and evolved into a weekly sprint process where, for the next two years, we collaborated closely with Getinge engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, marketing, and sales teams to work cross-functionally and co-create throughout the design process.


Flow-c by Getinge 25

“While observing surgeries, we really gained empathy for the tough workloads and pressures that anesthesiologists work under. This strengthened our commitment to create insights and to effect change—ultimately, a safe, smooth workflow that would be the main ingredient for successful everyday work.”

David Crafoord, Design Director, Veryday

Reducing manufacturing costs and improving quality were the project’s top challenges, along with creating a better user experience and a smoother workflow.

In order to enable a competitive price in the mid-range segment, there were strict targets on material cost and assembly times, which had to be considered during every step of the design process.

1. Flexible design

Flow-c allows flexible attachment of monitors and other equipment. Flow-c packs in a greater rail length than other machines on the market. It is easy to customize with additional screens and accessories.

Flow-c by Getinge 26

Flow-c by Getinge 24

2. Compact & efficient

The most compact, high-end machine to include efficient storage space. Flow-c’s small footprint makes it easier to place close to the patient, improving safety and seamlessly co-existing with other machines in crowded operating rooms.

3. Clean friendly

The fastest and easiest machine to clean. We created a cable management system for Flow-c that reduces clutter and protects hoses and cables. Now these elements are neatly routed and covered by specially designed panels, which contributes to improved hygiene and safety.

Flow-c by Getinge 18

Flow-c by Getinge 23

4. Details matter

The most caring design, with plenty of convenient details. Small features often have a big impact on the experience of using a machine every day. After carefully listening to users we introduced details that make a difference in workflow. Since their hands are often full, we added several practical hooks for convenient placement of tubes and other objects. Flow-c includes surprisingly generous table and drawer space, as well as USB ports for data transfer and device charging. Its central four-wheel brake and integrated cable pushers save time.

5. Environmental friendly

We reduced the number of disposables and replaced them with permanent, easy-to-sterilize parts. Oxygen and flow sensors are non-consumptive. The low and minimal flow capabilities in combination with electronic injection vaporizers deliver agent mainly during the inspiration phase, which reduces cost and the negative impact on the environment.

Flow-c by Getinge 28

During the process, the Veryday team iteratively built design mock-ups and functional prototypes in our workshop and created sketches, full-scale models, renderings followed by functional prototypes and manufacturing prototypes produced by Getinge. Veryday designers, in cooperation with Getinge usability and clinical experts, also provided evaluative research testing. Thanks to a close collaboration and the Veryday holistic approach, we found better, more user-friendly solutions that helped the client make fast and accurate decisions.


For me, this is a secure investment – a solid product to build on, based on a solid foundation.

Intensive Care Physician and Researcher, Brazil

Flow-c was pre-launched at Arab Health in Dubai in late January 2018 and launched at the Euroanesthesia congress in Copenhagen 2-4 June, 2018.

We’re thrilled to witness how design can help save lives and our planet at the same time!