GameFace Labs

A truly untethered virtual reality experience

Technological advances in virtual reality are happening fast, with hardware manufacturers and software developers continuously evolving their offerings to support the latest in high standards. When applied to the entertainment and service industries, healthcare and other areas, this exciting and growing field has the potential to completely change the way people experience the world.

With the help of Veryday and the consultancy WSI, the U.K. company GameFace Labs is finalizing a first-of-its-kind product – a wireless VR gaming headset with a built-in computer. With its embedded capability, the GameFace headset is a great deal more powerful than its competitors. Veryday’s designers drew from extensive experience in creating award-winning welding helmets to design a headset that feels light and comfortable, is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Previously, most virtual reality experiences required the user to sit with a headset strapped to a power outlet and a computer. Since the GameFace headset has eliminated restrictive cables that link to an external computer, it’s portable and flexible. It allows for greater freedom of movement – like turning and ducking – without the worry of cables getting in the way.

We needed a design partner with a track record developing innovative professional tools and found the perfect match in Veryday. Not only did they exceed our expectations in the execution of our design vision, they drew on their experience in wearables to ensure the headset saw weight reductions and increased levels of comfort. The design team was able to quickly deduce the needs of our product, transforming our insights into how the product is used into improvements and innovations at each step of the design process.

Joseph Carter, GameFace Labs

A prototype of the headset is now being tested to ensure maximum usability before final production. The product will be available for purchase in early 2016. Veryday’s long legacy of designing with the user in mind has ensured that the headset version that goes to market will not only be the most powerful of its kind, but also the most comfortable and intuitive.