Gillette Global Razor Research

Help us uncover what defines great razor design

As part of the leading consumer goods giant Procter and Gamble, Gillette grows their business through innovative products that improve peoples’ lives in small but meaningful ways. The Design and Innovation team at Gillette approached Veryday with a special request. Help us uncover what defines great razor design. Seemingly a great fit with Veryday’s own mission.

Challenged by the complexity and strict constraints of a multibillion mass production, Veryday gathered their top researchers and design experts. They set out to deliver a solid platform of global consumer and technology insights to support business development, marketing, design and innovation teams at Gillette. Inspired by a bold project vision and by immersing themselves into the lives of real people using emotional experience mapping– the team managed to identify unseen customer needs, drivers and aspirations.

They brought out key global similarities and unlocked unique customer preferences across several local markets, ultimately allowing for more cost effective, better performing and competitive offerings. The team also worked with opportunity mapping to identify new areas around product sustainability, new shaving experiences and new materials research. Finally they mapped strategic directions towards global competitors, exposing white spaces and areas of differentiation.

Empowered by these new insights, Gillette could re-frame their current offerings and purposefully plan for future approaches on how to better connect with consumers in an emotional way. The translated insights were delivered as a strategic toolbox of tangible design principles, used to guide and propel the development of the next generation razor systems for many years to come. The current Pro-Glide platforms, both non-powered and powered versions, were the first products emerging from the program. The toolbox supported the new product family with performance enhancing design updates such as:

  • a new handle geometry for more intuitive handling and better pivot action
  • high performance grip patterns for increased friction
  • improved colour, material and finishes (CMF) for greater customer enjoyment

Effortless interaction with the product, or in P&G’s words -“The second moment of truth”, is key to repeated purchases and to secure positive consumer recommendations, in this case The Pro-Glide platform delivers that and more

Jakob Boije, President & Partner at Veryday's NYC studio

Uniquely refined to be the best overall performer on the market, Pro-Glide delivers both great value to consumers and fantastic return on design investment for Gillette. All of which boils down to connecting the brand closer to its customers in a more meaningful way.

This project added extra value to Gillette by also allowing for an entirely new proposition to be launched on the market in India. Gillette Guard, a one dollar product with superior ergonomics (weight, grip and balance), managed to rival many other more expensive offerings. All because of a solid consumer insight platform that describes what really matters to consumers.