Crafting a tool to fit every user

From professional craftsmen to do-it-yourselfers, everyone needs a dependable tape measure that lasts. The Hultafors tape measure is the first of its kind to offer unique grips based on the size of each case.

The new CC tape measure features a unique one hand grip

Designed for optimal handling regardless of the hand size and working position of the person using it, the newly adjusted grips and outer shapes provides great improvements in ergonomics, safety and functionality. With eight different models in four unique casings, Hultafors covers all user areas, from home carpenters looking for a small case that slips easily into a pocket, to professionals working outdoors in harsh weather condition across diverse environments.

Design studies among different users identified a variety of working positions and grips. To accommodate a range of uses, the handle supports two positions: a left-hand grip when winding with the right hand, and a unique “stretch and measure” one-hand grip (right or left) when taking a measurement.

The ergonomics of this tape measure series are very well thought out. The bold colour design imparts professionalism and high value.

Statement by the Red Dot jury

Additionally, the handle is shaped to balance comfortably in the hand. High impact Polymer and rubber maximize the comfort and ergonomics of the grip, while a specially shaped crank minimizes risk of damaging fingers during use. The design also features a hole-hanger for safe work at heights. Aesthetically, the dark red and charcoal black color palette, the smooth grip, and the curved handle, create a stylish look that lends an air of professionalism to the tool and the person using it.