Smartphone charging is one of the great annoyances of the digital age. With Veryday’s help, IKEA has created a groundbreaking new product range that eliminates this issue. As part of IKEA’s Home Smart line, the collection includes lamps, tables, desks and charging pads fitted with Qi technology. Designed to integrate decoratively but subtly into homes, it’s the first wireless charging furniture aimed at the mass consumer market.

Smartphones and tablets are now an integral part of life. We wanted to just as naturally integrate the charging process with existing furnishings and behaviors. Imagine, for example, your phone automatically topping up whenever you put it down. To accomplish this we conducted an immersive, extensive, in-home testing process in several countries that helped us pinpoint the times and situations where charging becomes an issue. We heard about the same problems repeatedly – how all chargers mysteriously end up in the hands of a certain family member; how parents worry about kids whose phones have died; and how chargers are wrapped in duct tape because the ends have begun to fray. In short, keeping smartphone batteries charged is a stress factor for many people.

Our ultimate goal was to design a solution that would eliminate the activity of “charging.” To test our ideas and gain knowledge about frequent and long-term use, we had families try products for several weeks rather than only during workshop sessions. We quickly discovered that each family member had their own specific habits and routines, which supported the need for versatile and tailored solutions. We created a range of furniture in different sizes and functions to meet this need. Now, families can have a perfectly multifunctional, tangle-free, hard-to-lose mobile charger that acts as a side table and also lights up their reading or homework in the evenings. We also created the JYSSEN wireless charger, a simple way for consumers to build charging capabilities into any piece of furniture they choose. With the help of the specially-created FIXA hole saw, families can install JYSSEN into the furniture they love the most, keep their personal style intact and never have to worry about losing, breaking or forgetting a charging cord again.

We are convinced that the IKEA wireless charging range marks the transition of connected homes from a futuristic vision into objects that are truly useful, natural and delightful in many people’s everyday lives. People can now customize their spaces to become more responsive to personal needs. The reflexive act of laying a phone on a table, desk or bedside table can replace having to actively locate and plug in a cord. IKEA’s track record of creating practical, affordable and beautiful home products, combined with Veryday’s expertise in User Experience design, have created an adaptable solution that brings the future into many people’s homes worldwide.

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