Compact living in the 21st century

The “Home Transformation” project was a truly multi-disciplinary project including our People Insight, Design Impact and Business Innovation expertise. It focused on creating dynamic and moveable furniture and storing solutions for urban and compact living. The goals were to make it possible for more people to live comfortably in smaller apartments.

Veryday’s product designers and conceptual engineers teamed up with Ikea to develop a number of flexible interior concepts. We created a movable wall system, a ‘cocoon’ bunk bed, and moveable beds. The solutions were rapidly prototyped by our model engineers. We mocked-up two apartments in a warehouse to test our solutions out with twenty different families. To get a deeper understanding of the emotional aspects of our design prototypes we used Emotional Experience Mapping and collaborative session, were the families created their dream apartment.

During the research work we uncovered several opportunities for Ikea’s future product development. We gained nine important insight areas, defining different user emotions and considerations connected to compact living, including incentives, cultural differences and important criteria.


The ‘Home Transformation’ project is generated from Ikea’s need of staying informed of the changing needs and behaviors of consumers, and the global drivers, to stay as innovative as they have always been. Ikea is at the forefront of change, serving the aspirations of millions of people across the world who meet their brand through a constantly changing society. And as an industry leader they are equally aware that the future lies in serving diverse and dynamic family constellations, whilst facing huge challenges in sustainability.