New technology saves lives

A stroke is a serious medical emergency. It can cause permanent neurological damage or even result in death. Every year about 15 million people have a stroke. 15% of these incidents result in cerebral hemorrhage, bleeding inside the brain.

There are limited solutions today to drain away blood from a cerebral hemorrhage. Conventional drainage catheters often get clogged when aspirating out large volumes of viscous liquids, such as clotted blood or pus. This puts the patient in significant risk. IRRAS’ patented technology provides a controlled way of infusing liquid to the brain that enables efficient wash out of residual viscous matter while maintaining the desired level of intracranial pressure.

The challenge has been to create a piece of very sophisticated high-end medical equipment in an extremely short time frame to comply with all the legal regulations and the very high expectations of neurosurgeons and surgical staff.

CEO of Irras Erik Björkegren

IRRAS incorporates a control unit that pumps sterile saline solution through a double lumen catheter. The control unit provides a controlled way of infusing liquid by the inner lumen of the catheter which removes blood clots and other viscous collections stuck to its aspiration holes. The evacuation is gravity driven through the outer lumen of the catheter connected to a drainage bag. See how the system works in this film.

Veryday worked on the project very closely with the technology’s inventor, brain surgeon Christos Panotopoulos and the investor and CEO of IRRAS, Erik Björkegren. Investor Erik Björkegren was part of the team who applied Veryday’s thorough Life Science related People Insight methods over two years of development time.

Every aspect of this system has been scrutinized to the most minute detail. The IRRAS philosophy has created a truly user-driven development process, rather than one dictated by the constraints of technology.

Marcus Heneen, Industrial Designer, Veryday

So far the system has been used for 8 neurosurgical diagnoses with very promising results. Case studies have so far indicated that the technology is superior to conventional drainage with reduction of mortality, improved patient outcome and cost savings to the hospital.

Local delivery of high doses of drugs

Immunity and side effects are two major problems in the treatment of malignant tumors and infections. These problems can, however, be solved through the local delivery of high doses of medicines, something that oncology still does not have any access to. IRRAS can, in addition to the treatment of hemorrhagic stroke, safely and efficiently deliver large doses of medicines for therapeutic treatment, which has been proven efficient on malignant cancer tumor and infections in the central nervous system.


The Veryday team has worked side by side with the Greek brain surgeon and inventor Christos Panotopoulos to gain a deep understanding of all the requirements from the surgeons’ and surgical staff’s perspectives. An entire system of hardware architecture and user interface have all been defined by Veryday’s Design Impact expertise.

The client allowed us designers to start with a strong vision for the product and brand, and then implement a mutual decision-making process that put the envisioned design at the top of the agenda.

Erik Wahlin, Design Engineer, Veryday