The Evolution of Speed

The world’s most powerful production car is inspired by the hydrodynamics of a dolphin. Building on billions of years of design evolution captured in a timeless speed machine, the Koenigsegg pushes boundaries in form and performance. No wonder it made it on to Forbes Top 10 list of the world’s most beautiful cars!

Christian von Koenigsegg grew up dreaming of creating the perfect sports car. At the young age of 5, a Norwegian animated film about a bicycle repairman who builds a racing car sparked his imagination. In 1993 Christian and Jesko von Koenigsegg came to David Crafoord at Veryday with an idea to make a world class Swedish sports car. Through our business innovation strategy the team identified 20 car collectors as the target audience—a demanding group that settles for nothing but the best.

Well aware that the project would have a lasting legacy, David Crafoord wanted to give the car a progressive yet timeless feel—a strong identity that would allow for updates in detailing while avoiding car styling fads. He found the answer through an inherent human attraction to natural forms. The design impact philosophy is unmistakably dynamic and organic aesthetic, that also became key to the car’s unrivalled aerodynamics. David Crafoord’s inspiration came from one of the most loved inhabitants in the animal kingdom—the dolphin.

It seemed natural to study animals that have managed to perfect their aero and hydrodynamic form through millions of years of evolution.’

David Crafoord, Professor, director of product design, Veryday

Building on eons of natural design development, the Veryday team created a seamless silhouette that sends a loud and clear message: This is not just a car. This is evolution.

Nowadays, the mythical Swedish super sportscar continues its triumphant journey around the world. Koenigsegg may have been target to an elite group of car collectors, but it was created for everyone who loves the freedom of speed.

What started as a simple conversation between Christian and David has become a global brand with an exciting future. With ethanol and bio-fuel versions already in production, Koenigsegg is adapting to a changing automotive landscape and a whole new set of social and environmental demands.


In addition to its status as a magazine cover darling, the car often sits at the top level in computer games, thereby making the Koenigsegg brand known to kids across the entire world.

The David Crafoord-styled Koenigsegg is more like a museum piece than an automobile.

Edmunds Inside Line

In February 2005, the Koenigsegg broke the world speed record for production sports cars by reaching 387.87 kilometers per hour at the oval test track Nardò in Italy

The Guinness Book of World Records listed it as the world’s fastest road car, and the prestigious car show Top Gear praised the car as the ‘best to drive’. The Top Gear record was seen by 250 million people!