LG Electronics

The everyday connected home

Our home devices and appliances are evolving from individual stand-alone functions that solve one task at a time, to being integrated as interfaces within service ecosystems. LG asked us to help them design new ways to interact with a few of these touch-points in people’s homes.

Designing flow in everyday life
We have a long experience of gaining insights from observing people perform everyday tasks. We make sure we see them in their homes, so that we understand how they try to manage everyday chores in their own contexts.

As home appliances become part of a network, endless new possibilities arise to design new functionalities and services that are naturally closer to the flow of our everyday lives.

For LG, we designed new ways of interacting with appliances and different touch-points to make daily chores easier and more enjoyable.


We started by gaining insights through our People3 research approach, using both qualitative and quantitative methods for collecting data in homes in different countries.

The insights we gained served as the basis for intensive concept development work in collaboration with the LG team. By working with video storytelling and animation, the concepts were easily transferred across multi-disciplinary borders throughout the process.

I indeed feel privileged for having had a chance to get acquainted with such great people and for an opportunity working with an extraordinarily talented group.

Joon An, Design Project Manager, LG Electronics