Ceiling sander Mirka LEROS. Perfection from any angle

Mirka® LEROS

User-friendliness and ergonomics have been the focal point in developing Mirka® LEROS – the lightest, most advanced wall and ceiling sander on the market today, also a recipient of the 2018 Best of the Best Red Dot Award under the Product Design discipline. This distinction is reserved for the most outstanding products in a category, and only one percent of this year’s entries have been recognized with the award.

Winning this award means a lot. It’s a well-designed product that will be loved by users, create profit for the client and remain valid for a long time. Veryday has longstanding experience in designing for craftspeople and Mirka is a leader in innovative abrasives technology. It was a perfect match.

Pelle Reinius, Associate Design Director at Veryday

Sanding walls and ceilings is hard work, due to the use of heavy tools and awkward, uncomfortable work positions. Mirka LEROS allows professionals to produce fast results and puts less strain on their bodies. The 180° flexible sanding head helps the operator reach surfaces from a better angle, which encourages more ergonomic working positions. The unique brushless design of the sanding head supports sanding without the need to apply pressure, which makes the job much more effortless.

Thanks to its sanding head and backing pad design, the operator can also work closely on corners and edges with the Mirka LEROS. Since there’s no need to complete finishing work with a smaller sanding tool, the operator saves time. A sanding head fixation point that’s close to the surface also contributes to more stable sanding.