Sanding and polishing machine, Mirka DEROS

The perfect match for industrial needs

Mirka saw a clear market need for a small, light, ergonomic electric sander. Excellent ergonomic design was top priority to ensure comfortable use for long periods. Veryday has over 40 years of experience in designing for craftsmen. This, combined with Mirka’s in-depth market knowledge, made it possible to develop this advanced sanding and polishing machine which also provides outstanding benefits to users.

Mirka Deros offers a completely unique ergonomic design and break-through features.
The optimized ergonomics make it comfortable to grip and easy to use. The unique symmetrical design makes it extremely well-balanced and just as comfortable whether it’s being used in the left hand or the right hand.

Design studies among different users discovered that users often keep an extra hand on the back of the machine for extra support, control, and relief. The longer body and slender waist provides the option of a two-hand grip while the low profile design gives a high manoeuvrability and helps to deliver precise and efficient sanding performance.

The designers have focused extensively on even the smallest details. The grip is more controlled and relaxed thanks to extra space for the fingers. The grip opening has larger holes for the little and ring fingers, giving a more relaxed and controlled grip and makes it even better for hanging. The curved handle creates a stylish look and the impression of a high-quality professional tool. The innovative design of the brushless motor allows it to be kept exceptionally compact and light.

This electric sander impresses with its compact size and pronounced ergonomic qualities, which together enable extremely safe operation of the device.

Statement by the Red Dot jury

Formal quality
The plastics used are all of high quality and are extremely tactile. Contrast between the different materials offers visual appeal and displays the thoughtful, detail-oriented focus of the design. Bright and modern yellow provides visibility on the job site and creates a distinct and recognizable product appearance.

Mirka Deros is a significant improvement compared to competitors in the same market segment. With its innovative design, powerful performance, and clever features Mirka Deros has been highly appreciated by craftsmen since its release on the market.