MSF Sweden

Putting workflow under the microscope

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) provides medical care in low-resource and emergency settings, with operational flexibility as its core competency. Conditions in these types of contexts can sometimes be extremely challenging. This Service Design and Innovation project focused on improving workflow efficiency and simplicity for field unit medical staff that deliver treatment of injuries and diseases, and provide maternal care and humanitarian aid.

MSF is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to those affected by armed conflict, epidemic, health care exclusion and natural or man-made disasters. The Outpatient Departments (OPD) Data Management project originates within the Innovation Project of MSF Sweden.  MSF carries out about 8.5 million treatments in OPDs around the globe annually, and these departments manually collect a huge amount of valuable data. To make the most of this available information, it needs to be collected throughout each OPD and easily transformed into useful data.

Gather, Analyze, Apply
Addressing a complex challenge like the OPD case, that include many different stakeholders, processes, difficult contexts and other variables require thorough preparation. Veryday’s engagement in the Initiation phase included a number of activities aimed at defining a concrete and prioritized problem area. Through stakeholder involvement and co-creation sessions, the team narrowed down the key activities related to consultation and dispensing practices (diagnosis, prescription and dispensation of drugs).

The methodology that we used together with Veryday was interesting as we identified the underlying needs of the patients, users and operations before moving into solutions. In many ways this exemplifies how we within the Innovation Project would like MSF to work more, at least with challenges that require this long term, multidisciplinary, iterative and user oriented approach. It does not only assure that we aim at the right targets but also provides some concrete tools to reach them.

Marpe Tanaka, Innovation Project, MSF-Sweden

Together we created a tangible vision of the future that would align and engage stakeholders. The OPD software concept described in the vision statement represents a holistic approach to the user journey, with the goal of securing medical supply lines and ultimately improving medical consultations.

We are really happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate with MSF Sweden on this exciting Service Design project that created a process of critical reflection as a means to confronting problematic situations. Hopefully this will lead to powerful opportunities for improvement, both on personal and organizational levels.

Malin Orebäck, Director Design Strategy at Veryday