Customer First. Unlock enthusiasm to drive impact.

Together with Nordea, one of the largest banks in the Nordic region, Veryday worked on the ambitious Customer First initiative to transform B2B customer experience with cash management and wholesale customer service in the four countries in which the bank operates. Nordea aspired to combine stellar customer experience with a company culture that supports and empowers employees.

It’s no secret that the world is rapidly changing around us. Like all wholesale banking organizations, our client Nordea had to work across multiple fronts in facing the competition. Operating across four countries as one of the region’s top banking firms, Nordea was beginning to feel the pressure of challenges from start-ups that were presenting new offerings and new ways of working based on creativity, speed and knowledge about customer needs. With Customer First, we’ve proven that our client can be just as creative. As a team we kick-started a new way of working by running a 12-week sprint to build internal enthusiasm and momentum. After the first phase, we developed, piloted and implemented the new service offering and a self-service hub.

In the right atmosphere, all people can be creative and enthusiastic, and Customer First has been able to unlock that within Nordea.

Erik Zingmark, Head or Transaction Banking, Nordea

The Customer First initiative has been highly successful in improving internal communication among the four countries, leading to a higher level of satisfaction by end users. The service’s consistent and proactive method of keeping customers informed makes them feel that the bank is attuned to their needs. Proactively sending emails during planned service breaks and preemptively creating a communication model for unplanned incidents has decreased support contact volume and produced positive customer reactions to receiving critical information.

I believe that customer experience represents a huge opportunity to excite our customers, and we have already seen great results so far.

Patrik Havander, Head of TxB Commercial Excellence, Nordea

Along with the project team, we engaged end customers to generate deep insights and co-create new initiatives. By spreading and sharing these insights within the bank, we awakened employee engagement and empathy across its entire footprint. We navigated the tricky task of building a customer service organization that is personal – yet also takes advantage of seamless self-service and developments in fully automated systems.

Nordea 1
We want to see Nordea become the top cash management bank in the Nordics, if not in the world.

Nordea customer

The goal of creating transparency was to strengthen loyalty, but also to function as an internal compass for all employees in the organization. Subsequently, Nordea has climbed from fifth to first place overall on Prospera, the cross-Nordic customer satisfaction ranking. We’re excited to see where our work will lead us next – and pleased to be able to share some of what we’ve learned.