Exploring the future of healthcare through intuitive design

We’re moving into an even more digitalized society, and the healthcare sector is at the forefront of the shift. Swedish company OneLab engaged Veryday to create a web-based blood test that democratizes healthcare by allowing users to take control and manage their own health data.

Getting a blood test can be a hassle these days, especially if you simply want to check your health status but have no visible symptoms or you’re not critically ill. OneLab has made it possible for companies to offer employees an easy way to personally check their health with a simple, self-administered blood test. With the OneLab health check kit, you don’t need previous medical experience to collect a sample of your own blood by following an intuitive instruction guide and some simple steps.

Optimal guidance through intuitive design

Armed with deep knowledge in the field of user-friendly medical services and products, the Veryday design team set out to create an intuitive information flow chart on how to use the OneLab blood test kit. The instructions guide users through the process, adding to a secure, easy-to-understand experience of drawing capillary blood. This particular method is still the best way for users to receive accurate and reliable results.

OneLab helps companies and employees to explore health through smart health checks. Together with Veryday, we have developed and improved information flow, transforming complex health data into simple, user-friendly and intuitive reports.

David Strömbeck, CEO, OneLab

Based on multiple user tests, OneLab and the Veryday design team created a seamless, easy-to-understand brochure. The brochure allows end users to get a clear overview of their health data, and a three-color chart helps them easily evaluate results. The kit also provides a list of recommended actions to improve health results – an important feature created in close collaboration with medical professionals.

Improving people’s health

Together with OneLab, Veryday is taking on the future of healthcare. Collecting and visualizing personal health data in a clear way is of great importance when investigating and mapping out widespread health problems.

Allowing users to have access to and administer their own health data is also beneficial for companies since it dramatically cuts down on additional overhead, like costs for sick leave. And most importantly, health issues can often be stalled or reversed when users have first-hand access to their own health data and proactively monitor their personal health status.

We are honored to be at the forefront of future healthcare – where users decide how and when to collect their own health data using intuitive design methods.