Posten (Postal Service)

Building seamless customer relationships

We helped the Swedish National Post, to develop their overall service offering for private customers. Our mission was to design a service offering that users on both side of the counter find valuable, easy to use, and understand.

Service design research

We helped the Swedish National Post, Posten, to develop their service offering for private customers who want to send something that weighs less than 2 kg. Our target group included retail staff at postal offices and stores handling the service, as well as end customers.

We sent our team members to work as Post Office trainees, so we could gain insights into their every day reality. We also worked at Posten’s customer service to gain a deeper understanding of what the main problems were. To retrieve all the insights we needed, we observed many different types of customers across Sweden. We watched them from the beginning of their decision making at their kitchen tables, through every step of the purchasing process, from finding the right address, to looking up the opening hours of their local postal office.

Uncovering business opportunities

We needed to identify barriers and opportunities customers experienced in face-to-face meetings at the Post Office, and how these relate to all the other touch-points. These findings formed the foundation for insights and scenarios that became the basis of service development and business opportunity mapping.

Creating value with users

Using a number of service scenarios and simple mock-ups, we engaged our customer group in co-creation workshops to identify the opportunities and ideas that they consider to be the most valuable and meaningful. This method enables us to identify value-adding opportunities on both practical and emotional levels. One of the tools we used was Consumer Speed-Dating. During the most intensive period of research and ideation work, we set up an Innovation Lab at the Postal headquarters. The Lab made it possible for all stakeholders and team members to follow and contribute to the process.