Ree: Remote Emotional Evaluation

What are your customers’ true future needs, what are their dreams and aspirations? In order to gain more powerful emotional knowledge and improve our acknowledged methods for retrieving insights, our scientists have teamed up with academic institutions to develop a tool that supports designers in their work. We give you the Ree app!

By truly understanding the emotions of customers, you can find out what people really want and design the most compelling experience possible. This provides the opportunity to differentiate a brand from its competitors, in a way that is relevant and meaningful to its customers. Capturing people’s emotions over time is not an easy task, but Veryday’s experienced teams know how to map the emotional journey of customers before, during and after using a product or service. Sometimes this takes us across continents and into people’s homes, in order to gain novel insights. Our map provides vital clues on how to add value to a proposition and make our clients’ offerings more meaningful and attractive to their customers. Thanks to our in-house researchers, we can act fast on megatrends and global insights to help you create and communicate products and services that truly make a difference to people’s lives.

More intimate & accurate knowledge

Following a large global research project which attempted to examine how emotions influence our purchase decisions, it became clear that a proportion of the research Veryday undertakes could be done without the researcher being present all the time.

In some circumstances this had many benefits, among them the fact that the researcher could not add bias to a participant’s emotions while present, and also that it could be more efficient and time saving.

Thomas Nilsson, Director Human Factors and Research at Veryday

The Remote Emotional Evaluation app was born

The app can be placed in the hands of users and allows for the remote capture of peoples’ emotions, in the comfort of their own routines and lifestyles, without researchers intruding or influencing their normal living behaviour. Ree is not meant to replace researchers being present with users and consumers (which is a key part of Veryday’s methodology) but to act as an aid where appropriate or circumstances require.

Unique and ready

Ree can be scaled onto any number of smartphones or tablets; it is not limited by numbers or region. Data is collected in real-time, so results can be displayed immediately.

We believe that Ree has good future potential. By adding features such as GPS-linked emotion capture, we can imagine researching and visualising whole cities, organisations or transport networks for example, where we can see in real-time the emotional ‘hot spots’, in order to understand user concerns and then facilitate better solutions. We also hope to allow Ree to link directly into other apps, so clients can track users’ feedback on their own applications in real-time.