RH Mereo

The ideal chair according to the users

Scandinavian Business Seating approached Veryday to develop a new generation of office chairs that can meet the demands of tomorrow’s dynamic and flexible workplaces. With human-centred ergonomics and design at the heart of the process, the result was an unprecedented seating experience that can actually improve the end users’ wellbeing.

We believe that a correct sitting position not only leads to better results, but also promotes long-term employee health. An average office worker spends 5.8 hours in their office chair everyday. Our proven design methods are based on deep understanding on user needs and the design process was based on an understanding that a correct sitting position not only leads to better results, but also promotes long-term employee health.

Our People³ design research approach was used to unearth genuine user needs, based on thorough user research and feedback. We used various methods to gather insights about office chairs. Card sorting, for example, mapped user perspectives of what comfort is. We explored user viewpoints through imagery that highlights heaviness, lightness, quality and material connections. A method of ‘spoken-word analysis’ was used to define what people think the ultimate office-chair is. Other methods included a ‘chair line-up’, where different chairs are compared to highlight positive and negative factors.

A summary of all people insights and on-site studies became the basis for our own brief. As the project progressed, further studies were made to verify our findings and ensure that the product expression and basic understanding of the chair was in line with high RH-standards.

Leveraging consistent design impact means every single part of the chair works beautifully together, conveying performance, comfort and lightness. RH is known for its high focus on human performance and design. The new chair remains true to their brand vision whilst introducing more contemporary functionalities. With the current trends of shared office spaces, flexible working hours and personalisation, the chair can be quickly configured to meet individual preferences.

RH Mereo has been designed with a highly ergonomic and aesthetic focus, without any compromise.

Joakim Ahlström, Industrial Designer, Veryday

The unique, frictionless movement of the tilt mechanism responds to the slightest shift of weight and the finest movement of the user. The pivot points are closely located by the users knees and hips, offering complete support but also encouraging active and natural movement. The tapered form of the back facilitates the movement of the upper body, and gives sideways support and comfort. The sculpted upper part pushes gently in between the users shoulder blades, encouraging an upright posture, improved breathing and increased oxygen uptake. The seat height, depth and back angle are logically placed and shaped so that anyone can easily understand their function without looking at them. Revolutionary intuitive control handles means that the chair can be adjusted to exactly fit anyone’s body, no matter what shape or size.

Designing for people also means designing for the environment. A dedicated use of eco-design principles throughout the development has resulted in a chair that doesn’t use glue or fasteners and is easy to disassemble. Extensive use of aluminium for steel and post-consumer PP plastic has created a chair with an exceptionally small carbon footprint in its class of office chairs. The chair has a warranty of 10 years, with recyclable materials and interchangeable parts that make it a pioneer in sustainability.