RTI-Sports Ergon

The world's most comfortable bike grips

The German manufacturer RTI-Sports teamed up with Veryday to design a range of ergonomic grips that will benefit any rider.

Common problems encountered when using traditional bike handles are discomfort, pain and numbness in the hands. Due to Veryday’s 40 year experience in people insights and hand held products, our designers decided early on to tackle the wrist angle and the pressure distribution in the palm of the hand. Prototypes were tested by the team members themselves as well as by experienced mountainbike riders, in real-life conditions. The handles were refined and retested until the optimal shape was found.

The result was a wing-shaped design that allowed the forces applied to the hand to be more evenly distributed over a larger portion of the palm. The wing also supported the hand better and put the wrist in a less angled position.

Development was completed in only eight months, including lengthy field tests. The first Ergon grips, the GP1 and GP2, both available in two sizes, were launched in 2004. Despite them being rather pricey, the annual stock sold out in only a few months. As it turned out, the grips were not only appreciated by riders with experienced problems but were also ridden to victory in endurance races like the Trance Alps and 24h Racing WC. Racers found that the added comfort of the Ergon grips could make them push themselves harder and further. To meet the extreme demands of these racers Veryday also designed light weight race versions of the grips. These grips are used in all major cycling championships today.

From my personal experience, the grips are a clear improvement over traditional cylindrical ones in that they provide significantly more surface area for the hand to rest on, particularly the lower palm. I was also satisfied with the smooth material finish that doesn’t leave depressions on your skin after long duration rides. So, it has the full approval from a Certified Professional Ergonomist (and cyclist).

Rob Tannen, Director of Research at Bresslergroup

Veryday continuously perform opportunity mappings to identify new contact points between riders and their bikes. Pedals, saddles and gloves are scrutinized and redesigned. As of today we have designed more than 10 different grip models for Ergon. The different products have won prizes in just about every design competition there is and Ergon is considered the premium brand and the leader of ergonomic bike components.