Scania Trucks

Designing the digital driving experience

Scania wanted to evolve it’s offering to defend its leading position and keep their amazingly loyal, yet demanding customers. As the entire trucking industry is shifting from an analogue to digital driver environment, Scania asked us a few years ago to help them evolve the driver experience.

Through our People3 user research, and hands-on digital design experience, we started uncovering key scenarios, needs and motivators together with Scania’s vehicle ergonomists. Ultimately, the design should help the drivers become safer and more eco-friendly drivers, manage increased functionalities, and be more efficient in the job.

Prototyping the future

Our insights led to numerous ideas for a new digital instrument that improved overall interaction. The innovative screens, and the tools to control them, allowed a more efficient use of data and functions such as cruise control, eco-driving and axle load. Contextual menus presented the data on a need-to-know basis, with safety and control as a top priority whilst in motion.

After a few weeks of intensive concept development and prototyping, we bolted our prototypes into the dashboard of a truck. It was critical to observe a group of demanding professional drivers test, compare and rate the new experience. Their feedback was enthusiastic and they were looking forward to change to this new digital driving environment. Our work for Scania also included upgrading Scania’s fleet management application for trucks to create an easier-to-use service system.