Silvent Pro One

Improving the work environment through user-centric design

Air blow guns are one of the most frequently used professional tools in the manufacturing industry today – but unfortunately are the cause of many work-related injuries. And compressed air itself is an expensive energy source, representing approximately 10 percent of the industry’s total energy costs worldwide.

Silvent, a company that helps manufacturers around the globe optimize energy and improve work environments, engaged Veryday to develop the next generation air blow gun. While Silvent is the leading expert in compressed air technology, Veryday has extensive experience designing ergonomic, user-friendly tools for craftsmen.

To understand the needs of those who work with compressed air, Silvent and Veryday carried out several user studies. Individuals in the manufacturing industry were interviewed about operations they perform daily using compressed air, and air gun properties and storage. Based on user insights, we created a prototype and conducted further studies that encouraged operators to evaluate the prototype’s design.

Because Silvent is committed to ensuring all employees have a good work environment, we wanted to develop a product that really makes a difference for the user. It felt natural to contact Veryday, which is one of the most prominent industrial design firms in the world. Our collaboration has allowed us to combine the best of both worlds in the new product; Veryday’s unique expertise in ergonomic design and our own technical expertise when it comes to blowing with compressed air.

 Rasmus Tibell, Head of Technology at Silvent

Developed in close collaboration with end users

Based on the compiled results, Silvent gave us a free hand in developing the handle’s exterior design without being limited by internal technical solutions. This gave us the ability to create the best possible solution for the user. Working with Silvent, which has such a high level of ambition, is an absolute pleasure. An early goal was to design the tool’s important user-oriented outer “skin” first, then implement interior technology and performance without changing the exterior shape. This challenge concluded in some out-of-the-box thinking and several new patent-pending technologies.


Unique design with many benefits

The joint effort between Veryday and Silvent resulted in a product that will have a positive impact on users, businesses and society. The Pro One is quiet and safe, with a slim profile and low weight that minimize the risk of muscle injuries. The open handle is thoroughly designed to suit small or large hands and enable various grips. It’s equipped with the latest noise-reducing technology, which lowers the risk of hearing impairment but does not affect performance. Since the Pro One uses approximately 15 to 20 percent less air than similar commercial products, it helps lower the high energy consumption levels associated with compressed air blowing. The tool is made from high quality materials, and each component is built to withstand manufacturers’ tough durability demands.