Reinventing the urban travel experience

Our goal was to attract current and future passengers looking to enjoy a safe, efficient, comfortable and stylish ride. The result is Konceptbussen: a bus that adapts to needs, desires and moods regardless of physical abilities or challenges. Konceptbussen allows travelers to experience the future of urban transportation today.

The Veryday design team identified four opportunity areas for the project. The aim was to address different user types and map out numerous scenarios that passengers may find themselves in throughout their journey. After four “sprints” and in less than six months, Veryday, a group of technologists and Volvo created a concept bus that is now ready to meet riders in Skåne province, Sweden.

With an agile approach, iterative prototyping, and Veryday’s people insights research methods at the core of the design process, the team ensured that the new Konceptbussen accommodates various users and a broad range of needs.

A work in progress, Konceptbussen serves as an ongoing lab where implemented concepts, future ideas and methods can be continuously tested, evaluated and iterated. The highly collaborative process optimizes bus flow, comfort and safety, and will make bus travel equally efficient and attractive to current and future riders.

We wanted to investigate faster ways of implementing solutions in public transportation that users actually get to experience. Veryday has been helpful in implementing ways of working with optimizing flow and efficiency in public transportation, which has been the main goal of this project.

Joakim Agartson, Business and Market Manager, Skånetrafiken

Veryday’s role has been to ensure that all concepts are based on user needs. What’s unique is that we’ve been able to work together with Skånetrafiken, Transdev and Volvo, all joining in an effort to enhance and reinvent the urban travel experience.

August Michael, Senior Project Manager, Veryday

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