IKEA Sladda

The Future of Urban Transportation

Bicycles are one of the most eco-friendly forms of transportation, but today’s bike market can be intimidating. Specially customized bikes exist for every activity and every type of person, not to mention the many – and often complicated – technical specifications that only experts understand. The Veryday design team has focused on developing a bike that is the exact opposite of all these bells and whistles: the IKEA SLADDA is easy to understand, easy to use and easy to like.

The Veryday design team applied IKEA’s long heritage of accessibility and its Democratic Design approach to create a game-changing bike that breaks all the rules. SLADDA has a clean and neutral design that’s been rigorously tested. Veryday’s people insight methods insure that the bike is reliable, safe and eco-friendly – and that it accommodates a broad range of people in their everyday lives.

SLADDA may look like your ordinary bike, but it’s anything but ordinary. The bike is built entirely out of high quality materials but doesn’t compromise on style or affordability. SLADDA is gender and activity neutral, and comes with an ingenious click-on knob system that distinguishes it from the competition. The click-on system makes it possible for each user to effortlessly customize their bike with racks, baskets, a child seat or even a trailer.

Smart, sustainable and game-changing

The extended chain stay improves heel clearance for big bags and baskets carried on the rear rack. It also allows extra space for a comfortable ride with a child seat mounted.
SLADDA has an automatic rear hub with two gears, no wires to adjust or shifters that need shifting, and offers easy pedaling – even uphill.

The user can also increase load capacity without overloading the bike or risking safety levels, making it possible to transport heavier cargo. SLADDA is the perfect choice for the urban lifestyle.

Applying Veryday’s user-centric methods, prototypes went through a number of assessments by various bicycle test users to ensure maximum safety and comfort.

Sladda is not only a smart choice but a sustainable choice.The bike’s frame comes with a 25-year warranty, and it can be stored outside without rusting or risking damage. SLADDA not only expands IKEA’s offering to a new sector, it changes the urban bicycle market.
The click-on knob system is what makes SLADDA a truly unique bike. SLADDA can be compared to a tablet with apps – you can customize it with several different accessories adapted to make everyday life easier. With SLADDA, the user could replace their car and contribute to a more eco-friendly environment.

Oskar Juhlin, Director Industrial Design at Veryday

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