SmartClick System

Smarter tools for smarter working

Being at the forefront of the dermatology industry requires innovative medical solutions that meet the needs of both patients and physicians. Galderma, the dermatology company known for their innovative and highly trusted medical solutions for the skin, wanted to improve their Restylane delivery system in order to offer greater precision, comfort and control and to help support physicians in their daily work.

In order to offer greater precision, comfort and control the Galderma development team worked together with Veryday. Armed with deep knowledge in the field of user-friendly medical products, our team set out to uncover the best way to facilitate the injection process and ensure precise dispensing. The design work focused on form factors, handling, intuitiveness, environmental aspects and improved ergonomics. To determine the best syringe design, we evaluated various prototypes and conducted handling tests in consultation with practitioners. The new syringe achieves greater working comfort through the new ergonomic features, such as finger grip and thumb rest and feels light in the hand.

The design of this injection device meets high ergonomic standards. The acoustic feedback increases safe use.

Statement by the Red Dot jury

To improve precision and control, Veryday developed an audible dosage control through the SmartClick™ system, which dispenses ~10 μL microdroplets for every audible click. It allows clinicians to focus on injection technique rather than the amount injected . The physician activates the SmartClick System simply by pressing a button located on the syringe’s finger grip. This engages a metallic plate against the syringe’s grooved surface which produces audible clicks as the physician presses down, thus indicating the dose administered.

With the SmartClick function the new Restylane delivery system offers greater versatility, it features comfortable contours and embodies reliability and quality. User product testing has shown that although the new syringe is actually slightly heavier due to the addition of the SmartClick System, practitioners perceive it as lighter and more comfortable. The new delivery systems are designed to meet the changing needs of today’s clinicians and feature the introduction of new ergonomic features.