Snickers Workwear

Flexible toolbag for mobile craftsmen

Climbing a ladder while carrying a tool collection has become an easy task thanks to Hultafors’ and Veryday’s new innovation. Snicker’s Workwear Flexi Toolbag has made it possible for craftsmen to be safer and more productive by providing extreme mobility and tools within an arm’s length.

The challenge was to develop a product that was going to represent the Snicker’s Workwear brand and make the workday easier and more efficient for the end users. Hultafors Group, owners of the Snickers Workwear brand, and Veryday have a long-term relationship built on trust and success. Veryday has over 40 years of experience in designing for craftsmen, and combined with Hultafors’ in-depth market knowledge it was possible to develop the unique Flexi Toolbag that utilizes mobility and ergonomics to the maximum.

– In this project we wanted to create something innovative, to better support tool bag users. Based on several years of collaboration with Veryday, we also knew that it was a perfect challenge for them. They managed to find the core needs of our target group and translate those insights into a new type of tool bag that the market has not seen before.

We’re proud to say that this cutting-edge product pushes the boundaries for advanced design, based on the real needs of craftsmen. It’s exactly the way we want to build the Snickers Workwear brand.

Johan Wijkmark, Product Manager at Snickers Workwear and Hultafors Group.

Observational research in how craftsmen currently work and what they hope to experience and achieve are the core insights that the Toolbag Flexi is built upon. While the daily management and work strategies were studied, our team found out that the biggest problem was the process of carrying tools from the car to the workplace. The craftsmen wanted to carry as many tools as possible at a time and make as few trips as possible from the car to the workplace.

By solving the problems encountered during the People3 design research our team developed the Snickers Toolbag Flexi, which is a revolution in the way a craftsman performs his or her daily tasks. With its open and asymmetrical design, it allows for easy and fast access to tools and storage of unusually shaped tools. The bag is designed to match the features of the human body and is comfortable to carry whether worn on the back or picked up to carry by hand between workplaces. Further, the fact that it can be used as a backpack opens up possibilities for workers, since free hands means safety and efficiency; imagine how much easier it becomes to carry your tools up a ladder.

Veryday’s designers used a combination of materials to create optimal Design Impact. The bottom of the bag is made of rubber-plastic that makes it able to travel safe in a truck and does not leave marks on the floor. The upper textile part of the bag has padding for comfortable carrying and can endure extreme wear and tear. The Flexi Toolbag is also topped-off with a rubber-clad aluminum handle that folds down for superior overview and access to your tools, and locks in upright position for steady carrying. The interior of the bag consists of multiple and customizable compartments so that the user can organize tools and access them easily.

The toolbag flexi was awarded the Red Dot award 2012 for its optimal design, and has been highly appreciated by craftsmen since its release on the market.

It is comfortable to carry and extremely functional; I can fit all my tools and still have my hands free to carry stands and ladders. With the Flexi Toolbag I am always fully equipped and I don’t risk forgetting anything.

Kai-Mikael Lukkonen, Project Leader at FO Peterson and user of Snickers Flexi Toolbag.