Spotify App for Windows Phone 7

The World's Snappiest Music App

Together Veryday, Spotify and Microsoft took on the challenge of creating the Spotify experience for Windows Phone 7. From the start the expectations were high but together they excelled in making it engaging, user friendly and of course elegant and stylish. It has been applauded by critics as the world’s best Windows Phone App.

It all began long before the WP7 platform was ever even launched. In those early days Veryday’s design strategists, interaction- and graphic designers teamed up with the Spotify design team. The mission was to create a Music App that inspired and met users’ needs; giving people quick and easy access to the music they love and want to share with others.

The challenge was to break the mold, and to help Spotify create an application that, in spite of Microsofts strong design language, completely integrated their entire music ‘ecosystem’. In other words, to reinvent the functionality and experience of a music app and make Spotify even more appealing to the mobile generation. Additionally the designers had to make sure the interface and flow of functions would be perceived as part of the WP7 family while remaining a Spotify experience.  Equally the large number of functions present in the desktop version needed to be fewer but well developed in order to translate into a pleasant experience. The solution was to utilize the WP7 visual design language, Metro, to its’ full potential.

Our design teams’ established experience of working with app and interface development helped unite the service components into a cutting edge, user centered mobile design solution.

Spotify’s “People Pages” and “Play Queue”, at that point not available on other mobile platforms, were identified as essential functions early on and were integrated as a natural part of the application. These functions enable users to browse through friends’ profiles to see what they’re listening to, recommend music as well as add their favorite songs to their own “Play Queue”.

The panoramic view, an integral part of the WP7 user experience, supports visual clues as a navigation system. Parts of the next page show up in the margins of the current page, leading the user to navigate through the pages by swiping the screen interface. This makes it easy to understand where to go next and gives the interface a “magazine like” look and feel. The fonts are legible and attractive without interfering with the other elements of the interface. In the end, the app highlights what’s most important: the music, the artists and their albums.

It has been praised by users and experts alike for its user interface, strong visual brand identity and for enhancing Spotify’s social dimension.

This is how every Windows Phone app should look!

Kyle Wagner, Gizmodo