Svenska spel

A new customer experience in gaming

Veryday was engaged by Svenska Spel, Sweden’s state-owned lottery and gaming operator, to help evolve their in-store point-of-sale digital terminal into an overall seamless customer experience.

The new cross-digital platform enables end users to access Svenska Spel’s services via the device of their choice, seamlessly moving from one channel to another. Key lottery or betting experiences create fundamental aspects of a holistic digitalized system that crosses web, mobile and retail to provide a much more efficient and user-centric retail experience.

Veryday implemented a close collaborative and trans-disciplinary design process with the management at Svenska Spel. The commitment to a co-creative process was key in creating a successful solution.

Veryday’s unique research methods helped uncover underlying customer needs and shape a total gaming experience that increases player satisfaction, customer loyalty and adds value for the customer and the brand.

Together with Svenska Spel we’re spearheading the future of seamless experiences between retail and online services. We are taking the benefits of physical retail and delivering it online, and vice versa.

Thomas Nilsson, Director Human Factors and Design Research